About Michelle

Michelle worked in many different design roles around the world before setting up her own branding agency back home in Cardiff, Wales. She launched Rose-Innes Designs 10 years ago with a packaging design project for Sainsbury’s. Within a year she was designing for all top 5 of the supermarkets and needed to grow a team to manage the demand for new projects. The business now attracts successful brand, website and graphic design projects from a wide client base across the private, public and third sectors.

Michelle Rose-Innes at a design meeting

Our design agency is made up of a compact team of graphic designers that have a passion for more than pretty artwork, but actually designing to make things work better. Brands, packaging, websites, publications and marketing materials form a majority of the work. Design of business, strategy and services form a growing part of the portfolio and expertise.

We have an unusual but common sense design ethos, which is to create things to be simple and easily understood by the user. This approach is commonly known as Service Design. We use the principles of our process as a way to improve the customer experience and to create designs that work for the user.


Amity Web

Our Digital Partners

Amity Web Solutions are a team of highly skilled web developers with many years of experience. They ensure that not only do our websites look amazing but also that they perform to the highest standard possible. They guarantee that all our sites are compatible across mobile, tablet and desktop viewing devices. Our websites are easily maintainable, scalable and flexible allowing you to easily grow and maintain your site for years to come.

Satori Lab

Our Service Design Associates

The Satori Lab have spent a combined thirty plus years looking at the broken parts of the system. Whether that be in the public sector or in the way private organisations deliver value to their client base. Throughout the years the team at Satori Lab have been filling their toolkit with the most contemporary tools, models and methodologies from the academic, public and private worlds. Now they’re sharing this knowledge with anyone else that recognises that the old ways of thinking just don’t cut it anymore.