Brand Strategy

We're more than just an ordinary design agency. From brand naming to design, marketing and even business thinking, we can do it - and we do it well. We're good at understanding people, products and businesses and we like to keep things clear and simple. Our customer insights can reveal the values of a brand or product, which enables us to design and market it to its full potential. We know how important great customer service is, so you can always count on us for clear communication and quick responses.

In order to build a successful brand – one that you identify with, one that encourages loyalty and one that ultimately boosts your bottom line – we like to get to grips with the whole picture. Mapping out your business helps us understand you, how you work and what your vision for the future is. Based on that, we can create a brand that reflects your values, relates better with its customers and will last you a long time. Our goal is to give you great value for your investment in design.

Going right back to the roots of your business, understanding what you do and speaking to your customers are all fundamental in helping us deliver a solution that works for your business. So not only will you walk away with a refreshed brand, website or design package, but you'll be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how to improve your business strategy – ultimately helping your business grow. 

What it all involves

Don’t be fooled into thinking all branding (or rebranding) involves is handing us a bunch of documents and leaving us for a couple of months while we beaver away creating a brand that may or may not be to your liking. This is all about collaboration – we need you! We want to understand you, your values, your goals and aims. So we work with you from the initial workshop, insights and research, through to the design stage and final delivery. And we’ll still be here long after we’ve handed the final project over, should you need any further inspiration, development or support.

When it's all finished

Many of our customers come back to us with other projects, because they know we’re the ones who really understand their business and their customers. So when you’re ready, we’ll get the custard creams out.

What they say

“The thorough research and insights Michelle used to create the suite of 16 Personas, has given us confidence to bring the customers’ needs right into the heart of the change-making process. It’s now easier for us to understand our customers through their behaviours, environment and service interactions, and we can make improvements with them in mind. Coupled with our data and analysis of user activity online we believe we have a 360º view of how they engage with our service and a good understanding of them as real people.”

Mark Hulett, Insights Team Leader, Companies House