Building a Business Persona


Understanding your own business persona and that of your core audience enables you to improve the way you solve problems for your customers and aligns the marketing of your business with needs of the market.
Gathering data doesn't always have to use expensive and complicated statistical market research. At Rose-Innes and through our Persona Workshops we teach you how to use qualitative research techniques to easily uncover customer behaviour and map their journey experience of your business.

If you're interested in learning more about how your business persona can affect your bottom line contact us HERE for more information and to book your own Persona Workshop for your team.

This is what you'll learn on one of our Persona Workshops:

• Why Personas are important to driving customer sales within your business
• An introduction to ethnographic tools and qualitative research
• Learn methods and techniques to capture your own customer insights
• Create your own bespoke personas for your business

Who is this course for?
• Business owners who want to develop their competitive advantage
• Anyone wanting to discover effective insights into their customer's behaviors and preferences
• Those who wish to be more strategic in their approach to marketing their products and services, or those about to embark on a brand strategy.

The aims of this course:
• To discover what motivates your customers to buy from you and their actual customer experience
• To uncover any blockage in the purchase process or unconscious barrier to sales
• Explore your business persona through the eyes of your core audience and market.

Dig a bit deeper in your business and you will strike gold! Personas allow you to uncover hidden aspects of behaviours and preferences that can make a huge difference to the sales and marketing of your products and services.