Business Model Canvas Workshop with Bomper Studio

This new boutique CGI studio specialises in photorealistic 3D visualisation and animations for digital and print. Over the course of a morning we were able to help them map out the business and plan for marketing activities, as well as review the brand values and to appropriate their plans for reaching out to target customer segments.

BS-WS-banner.jpgPart 1  

Business Model Canvas 

1.    Past, present and future plans 

2.    Work through to plot business model

3.    Unpacking values customer segments/personas 


Part 2  

1.    Marketing ROI plans according to customer segments  

2.    YOUR values review 


Part 3  

1.    Any change/developments and action points

2.    Actions for marketing activities 

"The workshop it was very insightful and gives us a much better understanding of where we need to research and target our marketing." Emlyn Davies, MD 

This is an ideal workshop for those about to embark on marketing activities, it can save you from spending budget on things that may not have the impact you need. Target the right clients, the right way and at the right time for your business and you'll see better results.

Note: twitter campaigns aren't the answer to everything!