Companies House Persona Workshops

Workshop 1
. Introduction to creating Personas

Companies House Insights Team attended our workshop at Cardiff University Business School about Service Design. Following this we had a request to support them with creating a set of primary Personas for services development. As a part of their move towards applying GDS design principles they wanted to find out about their users in more depth, the depth that qualitative research could provide.
The workshop led to an exercise whereby our team were commissioned to gather the information and creating the Persona card suite. Using our research methods we interviewed different user types extensively and gathered common ground information of user behaviour, lifestyle, personality and key insights around their experience of using Companies House.

Mark Hulett, Insights Team Leader, describes the Personas as "...a starting point for the development of new products; in particular to help development teams in the design process empathise with users by understanding behaviours, goals and expectations, considering functionality, and design from, the perspective of each persona." 

Workshop 2. Using Personas in Companies House; methods and tools

After the creation of the card suite, we had members of the various departments attend a training workshop on how to use and apply the personas effectively in their respective departments. There was a demonstration of methods and tools, some of which are being utilised for customer engagement, website user experience and development of new combined services.

 "The personas work is a really great effort and was very positively received by the main board. It's a credit to all involved."
Gareth Lloyd, Director of Digital Services

The thorough research and insights Michelle used to create the suite of 16 Personas, has given us confidence to bring the customers’ needs right into the heart of the change-making process. It’s now easier for us to understand our customers through their behaviours, environment and service interactions, and we can make improvements with them in mind. Coupled with our data and analysis of user activity online we believe we have a 360º view of how they engage with our service and a good understanding of them as real people.

Mark Hulett, Insights Team Leader