Consultancy for Torfaen Council with Satori Lab

As an associate of Satori Lab, Michelle was a part of the team that delivered the bid document for Arts Torfaen Council Economic Development and Arts regeneration (as an associate of Satori Lab) during July 2014.

SL-WS-banner.jpgThree parts to the consultancy involved the following:

An introduction to personas and the value of knowing the people of the borough in context of the project objectives, and also support and guidance on how to research deliver and create the personas.

Business Model Canvas Workshop
In teams of four, four groups co-created business ideas around generating new businesses around arts and economic development in the borough.

Creating the Model
Torfaen needed a business model to help then realise the full potential of the project, its required processes and all the factors at play - that included the users and the stakeholders. The model they had proposed previously needed reframing for the purposes of the project, so a new model was co-created with the stakeholders contribution, which gave us all an understanding of the terms and descriptions and made for an easy to follow support tool.

The project was completed and Satori lab delivered the bid to the Arts Council at the end of July. We are currently waiting to hear if they won the tender bid.