A simple but strong brand name, derived from the word ‘esoteric’ whose meaning is intended for those with a specialised knowledge or interest.

Categories: energy, insurance, investment
Domain name:, and
Deliverables: Brand name, logo pack, logo style guide, business card, letterhead, transfer of domain name

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I’m interested in a brand name, what do I do?
Please fill out the below form and we shall contact you to start the ball rolling.
What’s included in the cost?
4 design studio hours from one of our senior designers which includes a brief meeting or phone call to discuss necessary amendments to the design colours or fonts. You'll also get logo pack of the following formats; jpeg, eps, pdf, psd, tif, png, svg and ai vector. Also included is a simple logo style guide, one name of business card (design on both sides) and a MS Word letterhead design. We also include the transferal of domain name. Fonts aren't provided separately to the brand logo. It is standard practice to purchase the fonts yourself so that you have the licence for any print and web usage beyond using the logo as we
provide it.
What if I don’t like the colours or font?
We have included 4 design studio hours to update the logo with colour or font changes so that it works best for your business.
Who owns the IP rights?
Upon receipt of payment and receivership of the design, the IP rights are yours. However IP registration with the patent office isn’t included, you'll need to contact a IP trademark lawyer for more information to register an IP or speak to us and we can refer you to someone
we use.
How do I pay for my logo?
Payment by direct bank transfer please. Full payment is required upfront before any design changes or transfer of domain name is done.
How long before I receive the design files and the domain transfer?
Upon us receiving cleared funds we will start the process within 2 days. If all goes to plan you'll receive the completed package within 5 days. This timescale is dependent on your approval of any amendments.


All work carried out by Rose-Innes is on an understanding that the client has agreed to Rose-Innes’s terms and conditions which are provided at the point of enquiry.

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