A bit about me

I'm a designer to the core, but I bring business, process, and strategic skills to every assignment. I've worked around the world in diverse design roles, set up an agency, and developed my skills and expertise through working on every aspect of the design process and the influential role it plays in setting a business up for growth and success.

My portfolio of design services is as wide-ranging as my clients' businesses and includes packaging, websites, brands, service design, and strategic marketing. I have an additional role as a business coach and mentor - modelling revenue, customer engagement, and planning for strategic growth with the tools provided by the design process. 

A successful design needs to be straightforward, so it gets across an impactful and memorable message that is understood by everyone. Excellent design improves every part of a business by focusing on values, passion, mission, and communication. Please contact me if you'd like to talk through your requirements. 

Michelle Rose-Innes at a design meeting

Double Diamond Approach

The double diamond framework is a versatile project management tool. It concentrates on putting the user's needs at the heart of the design process, which fits my design ethos. This model is familiar to all design professionals, but if you want more details, you can read about how I use this tool here.