A model approach to design

Written by on 1st May, 2020

The Double Diamond visually represents the design process and ensures a strategic and systematic approach to every project. Starting at the left-hand side and moving to the right, there are two phases to the process.


First Diamond: From Challenge to Prototype
The challenge is the project – how is it to develop, grow, and complete to your satisfaction.

I start with divergent thinking – represented by the first half of the diamond. I use qualitative research to obtain information about your goals, the product or service, and how these meet people's needs. I use different tools to collect as much relevant information as possible. This process is about avoiding assumptions and uncovering hidden insights that shape the design process.

Now, I move into the second half of the diamond and narrow down the focus (convergent thinking). I define with you the scope of the project and the approaches that best satisfy your brief.

The prototype linking the two diamonds represents the action plan and design approach.

Second Diamond: Moving from Prototype to Outcome
Customer engagement does not end with the prototype. The point of developing a prototype is to be able to test the market, refine the product or service, and improve it until you have the best model.

The first part of the second diamond is the development stage. I seek out more inspiration and knowledge about potential customers' reactions to the design – does it sing the right tune and project the desired image?

Then we move into the delivery stage and create design proposals – the colours, shapes, page layout, and all the details that make the design work for you and your business.

The Big Picture
The design process is not linear – during any project, new discoveries mean that we repeat all or part of the cycle. The essential element is putting real people first because it is people who buy products and use services. In every project, I focus on the user experience because that is what gets results.

The double diamond approach is flexible and adaptable to all projects, and it evolves to include additional leadership and engagement processes for more complex work needing those elements. All assignments (large and small) benefit from a strategic, systematic approach that discovers, defines, shapes, and delivers design for you in alignment with your values, brand, and mission.