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I'm a creative and professional designer with experience across many areas of design, marketing and developing a quality business brand. I use qualitative research to get powerful insights into your customers' goals and needs. I use my skills and expertise to help you understand your customers and get their attention. Research-backed design attracts and retains more customers, growing your brand and business. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Brand Design

Brand is so much more than a logo. Get it right, and you have a successful brand identity that unites your activities, shows your values, and inspires you and your people to move forward, creating a brighter future. Your Brand is your service, your products, and how people feel about you.

No-one sticks with the same hairstyle and clothes they wore as a teenager – they move with the times and their place in life. Your Brand is the face your business shows the world. Like you, it changes as your business grows and develops.

You know that the right Brand strategy depends on your business landscape, your competitors, and your customers. Creating a Brand that you recognise as representing your values, culture, and vision is a journey of discovery. My approach is to travel with you, uncovering what your Brand means to you, your employees, and your customers.

Creation, renovation, subdividing, evolution, and strategy – I have a successful track record of hitting the mark with anything brand-related. If you need to work on your brand, give me a call, and I’ll talk you through all the possibilities and what a successful brand can do for your business.

Web Design and UX

Your website is essential to your business. The right website looks fabulous, attracts customers, and services their needs. I have 15+ years’ experience in curating and creating sites for e-commerce, brochures, and public information. Your website reflects the changing face of your business and needs to evolve to meet your customer expectations and your developing business.Changing SEO and customer expectations need a classic website design that can evolve with the times. Potential customers use search engines, and you need the right layout and content to be visible. Uncluttered, easy to navigate pages that give your customers the confidence they can find what they are looking for without stress and frustration results in ideal user experience (UX). The excellent design ensures your website becomes your customers' preferred destination. 

From new websites to updating and improving existing ones, you need a team with the right expertise. You need many skills – developers, content writers, designers, SEO specialists, user experience, and project managers. Skilful management of a professional team allows everyone to play their part at the right time. My niche areas are Design and User Experience. Other development companies use my services to provide expert help on that area of their projects.

You can read about web projects and packages here and visit the portfolio to see project examples. Every project is different, and I am happy to discuss how I can help you with your website.

Service Design

All businesses deliver a service along with their product. Better services delight your customers and give you a great reputation and growth. The right tools, techniques, and experience help you walk in your customers' footprints and understand how they experience your service. Then we can work together to improve your service delivery and brand touch points.

Starting with user needs, you can use a more targeted marketing strategy. Hiring an expert service designer to work with your customers means you can do less by cutting out unnecessary actions and honing your service to peak performance.

You gain the data, so you can work towards building and refining your digital services with knowledge and understanding. A targeted project to improve and simplify your services is hard work but worthwhile, and the benefits of customer satisfaction, ease of transaction, and delighting the customer will mean they will return to your service with a positive experience.

I’m a firm believer in the GDS (Government Digital Service) founding ten principles that start with user needs and result in a better digital service for your customers. By putting your customer needs at the core of your business, you deliver smoother, more efficient services. You reach, attract, and retain more customers, and that is better for everyone.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an enormous field with plenty of ineffectual ways to spend money. You have a straightforward objective – you want to attract customers for your products and services. You don’t have an unlimited budget, and you want the maximum impact for your available funds. I have plenty of experience in all forms of marketing, and I can help you form a marketing strategy that works for you and your budget.

Online marketing keeps growing – social, paid advertising, tv, media, promotions, events, and so much more. I am a marketing strategy specialist, and I design a simple or multi-level strategy that achieves your vision and your needs.

Delivering the strategy means you need a network of expert people with different skills. As part of my service, I can offer you plenty of options. I’m well connected and can direct you to expert help, or I can set-up and manage a team for you. I’m willing to partner with your in-house team (or other contractors) and provide coaching, mentoring, and training services that help them deliver your strategic vision.

Marketing strategy is a process that sits alongside your business, aligned with your aims, and monitored and tweaked as your needs change. A successful marketing strategy builds on a solid understanding of your business model, brand, vision, and customers. Benefit from my years of experience and let me help you and your team create and implement the best marketing strategy for your budget and your goals.

How and Where I work

The Rose-Innes agency-style business model means you get the ideal team with the right blend of skills for your project. I'm an independent designer and professional project manager with a network of passionate and committed freelancers and partners. All of us believe in the power of design to create success. I work with clients from all business types (private, public, and third sectors) on a range of leading brand, website, and design projects – browse my project gallery to see examples.

I am proud to live and work in Wales with clients from the public, private, and third sectors. My client portfolio includes London, Manchester, as well as Swansea, Cardiff, and Caerphilly - location is not a barrier to working on your design project.

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Using qualitative insights to help develop and test your idea

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