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A model approach to design

by on 1st May, 2020

The double diamond approach is flexible and adaptable to all projects, and it evolves to include additional leadership and engagement processes for more complex work needing those elements.

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Using qualitative insights to develop and test your idea

by on 15th February, 2017

The approach we use here is that of the design thinker. Design thinking is creative strategy used to consider and resolve problems, typically drawing on a resource of tools that help to uncover insights, user stories, and user journeys. These all give us useful clues and direction for the development of our product or service and they are based on real feedback and evidence.

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How do you get your initial thought into an idea?

by on 24th March, 2016

Have you been hatching a plan and thinking of new ideas over Easter? Perhaps your idea is just a few notes, a sketch on a serviette or a post-it note or maybe it’s still processing in your mind?

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Website Creation; should you use a design company or web development company?

by on 16th March, 2016

A website needs to be aesthetically pleasing but it also needs to be functional. So where do you go and how do you choose? A design or web development company? What’s the difference? How can you get the best value for money whilst achieving the best overall website outcome?

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