Website Creation; should you use a design company or web development company?

Written by on 16th March, 2016


A website needs to be aesthetically pleasing but it also needs to be functional. So where do you go and how do you choose? A design or web development company? What’s the difference? How can you get the best value for money whilst achieving the best overall website outcome?

A web development company will be concerned with the site functionality, whereas a design agency will be concerned with the brand and visual impact.  Is the designer the best person to code and build your site? Is the developer the best person to design your site? It’s unlikely that any one person has the same business or person who could do both to a high standard. Design and development require different skillsets and tools. The ideal scenario of course, is to find a company that includes both areas of expertise.

A design company will primarily lead with a bespoke design look of the website, then secondly develop the code for your site to function. By this we mean the look and feel, graphics, colours and images. This is their area of expertise; design companies are best placed to design your website.

A web development company will primarily be interested in developing your website in code though will offer you a design service too. The design offer is likely to be a range of templates. Web developers will have the expertise on functionality, performance and importance.

At Rose-Innes Designs we’ve partnered with the team at Amity Web Solutions to provide expertise in both branded website design and development. The past 8 years has seen us jointly design and develop hundreds of successful websites. We benefit greatly from each other’s experience and it is hugely beneficial to share the same studio space. Designers and developers working in collaboration, make successful websites. We believe we can give you the best value for money and best combined services under one roof.


Richard Perry from the Ion Leadership Team at Swansea University said this about their website.

“We knew, from experience, that a clear understanding of our customers and a strong brand would help define what we needed from a website to fully engage our target market but we lacked the skills and experience to do it ourselves. Working with Rose-Innes helped us translate our aspirations and encouraged us to reach further and deeper than we otherwise would have. Michelle’s team of professionals delivered the strong brand and clear design we asked for.

So our new website is design-led and offers exactly the functionality we need – minimizing our admin and allowing us to spend more time talking to our customers. We are very pleased with how it has turned out so now we can concentrate on the business of doing business.”

Richard Perry

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