Frequently asked questions

If you're thinking of working with us and have some questions you'd like to ask, we're open to answering anything you'd like to know. Chances are we've been asked certain questions before, so we've compiled a few common responses:

What do you do?+
Our design agency is not just all about creating brand logos, cool graphics and making your marketing look good. We like to think that we can go a bit deeper than that. Ultimately we feel responsible, and so what ever we design will absolutely have to make sense to your business and to your customers. We want to help you have a point of difference, giving you that competitive edge - and of course everything we design will be aligned to your business values and aspirations.

So, here are a few of the things we do (non-exhaustive):
• Branding
• Marketing
• Infographics
• Digital/web design
• Packaging
• Customer centric research
• Book design
• Art direction
• Illustration
• Copywriting
• Workshops
• Photography

What do you mean by branding?+

Okay, so we’d like to help you get your head around this subject of brand, to understand that branding is foundational to your identity and how your customers view your service or product – and that’s true across all your platforms. We’re good at uncovering the most important values and thinking of ways that can help you stand out from the crowd. We then feed this back as visual ideas, brand logos and imagery that you'll recognise as 'you'. In this exercise we apply creative thinking across all sorts of media, things that can help you reach customers beyond the basics of your website and business card. We like to scope out lots of ideas of how we can create a communication strategy that’s right for your brand. Sometimes that means exploring how your brand would interpret at an event or what sort of cross promotion you could do.
But… we need to know all about you first, which is why we prefer to run a workshop with you before we start designing (see below for more on workshops).

Why does everyone say “branding is more than just a logo”?+
Because it is. The logo is just the face, while the branding is the body and legs that makes your business work. Your brand is your personality and how you talk to people. We take care of the visual aspects of your brand and we can help you develop your tone of voice. A well-defined brand is consistent across all its platforms.
So, do you do logos then?+
If you all you want is a logo, you could just go to a crowdsourcing website, where you’ll pay a low price for hundreds of different options. But we’d like to pre-warn you, you’ll have so much choice, that you’ll start to question who you are, why you are and what you need to do with your logo. Plus they won't guarantee an original design or work from a designer with suitable experience. So, when you start to ask these things, we’ll be here to help you to design your brand.
Can you design my website?+

Yes, we can. If you want design for digital platforms, we do lots of it and can help you with yours. We have a host of fabulous bespoke web, app and tablet design projects under our – metaphorical – belt. We’re also intrinsically linked to teams of web codey type people – these are the guys who are technically brilliant at building digital stuff. We’re the people who design the visual element and user interface and experience, and that needs to be right, clever and creative for the tech guys to get to the business of development. Just don’t mistake us for web ‘developers’.
For us, it’s important to first make sure we have a clear understanding of your brand and values. Then we can create you a complimentary website that will really be appreciated and clearly understood by your customers. Your users typically take about 10 seconds to assess your website. So it makes complete sense to us, to bring your users into the picture, as we are not just about making something look good – it has to be simple and easy to use too. That way, visits to your website can start turning into tangible business for you.
Note: We’re often used by web developers as a specialist outsourced web design service. You may have an expert web developer or digital company that you prefer to use – in which case we’d be more than happy to discuss providing design, PSDs and wireframes to them.

How much does a website cost?+
How long is a piece of string? It depends what you want it to do. Bespoke design starts at about £1,000 and can go up to about £15,000, depending on the depth of the project. The build cost for a website can be anything from a few hundred pounds for a WordPress site, while a bespoke build cost varies between £2,000–£15,000. Obviously these are just ballpark figures. We’d be happy to give you a quote that is specific to what you need.
Do you do social media?+
Yes and we can help train you to do yours too. We like to encourage our clients to think beyond getting their website live, but to think about how it can work well afterwards in the digital social environment, where much is evolving and where our clients (and your customers) are communicating.
Do you do Big Data?+
No, but we know people who do! Their office is next to ours and we can refer you to the experts!
What packaging design do you do?+

Packaging is often the first touch point that customers have with your product. The power of design is crucial in communicating what it is, what it does and why they should buy it. It’s obvious that if it can look and feel better than the product next to it, then yours has a good chance of being selected! Sometimes it’s subtle practical tweaks to existing packaging that can make the difference to a sale, other times it takes a clued up marketing approach to give you the edge. Because we do brand and marketing really well, we can reflect this through the design of your labels, packs, bags, boxes, jars, cans or bottles.
Our experience is mainly with the graphics and branding, and we work with 3D and box designers to design the complete package. Being used to designing for supermarket products, we can design for film wraps, cartons, inner and outer packaging, and even bespoke shaped packs for unusual products. But before you do anything, we advise you do a competitor review and some buyer research (we can do this for you) – this helps us set the scene and be completely informed about your product and its market.
To be honest, our packaging designs have a really good track record for increasing sales. We know how shelf presence can command a second look and ultimately a pick-up – that’s what you’re really looking for. We’re also able to help you maintain your orders with sales and marketing retailers. That’s often how you communicate your values and USPs, drum up sales and keep them interested. Sales presenters and presentations are key to the setting of your brand.

Why bother with research and insights?+

This isn’t rocket science, but what we do is intelligent, informed and practical reasoning behind why we design what we design. We do have a good range of tools and techniques to help you experience and analyse your own service and product from your customer’s point of view. Business model canvas and service blueprint are two such tools. Some might describe us as business designers, others may be familiar with the term service designers.
Before you jump into a business idea, brand or marketing plan, we’ll scope out the costs and the return on investment. We might even end up suggesting new and innovative ideas for doing things differently.
Fundamentally, we aim to represent the voice of your service user, placing their experience of it into the core of your business. This makes a better branded and designed product that they can engage with. Knowledge is power and the more we know about the users, the better we can design for business. Though we don’t claim to be business consultants per se, we can bring our experience in commercial, retail, domestic, financial and charity sectors to a world of new business development, by putting the customer in the centre. Anyone can do research and gather data, it’s the intelligent interpretation and what you choose to do with it that makes the real impact.
Note: We’re often invited to provide insights research and service design projects and training, that are not linked to any further brand or marketing work. We enjoy this work and are happy to deliver it without any further links to design work.

Why do I need to do a workshop?+

Nearly all of our design projects start with a workshop and it might just be a simple hour together around a white board for a meeting of minds. Typically it’s a morning session, where we invite you to join us as we look at things like your business model and your customer journey, your competitors, your values, etc.
At our workshops, we ideally want to talk through your business, so we can understand what you’re all about and to see if your current business model is a good one or if it could do with some looking at. Understanding your business on a deeper level will help us create a brand that increases profitability and improves your customers’ experience – this ultimately will boost customer retention.

How much are your workshops?+
We run half-day and full-day workshops – approximately £250 to £500. Then, if you decide to work with us, we’ll refund it to you against the final cost of your project.
What sort of costs are we talking?+
We have a number of different service levels that we can talk through, but there are so many variables – and we wouldn’t want to mislead you. Once we know more about your project, we’re happy to give you a ballpark cost, and then follow with an accurate quote a little later. We have your best interests at heart, so whatever your budget, we’ll be honest with what we can deliver for your money.
Can you do me a quote?+
Of course – just get in touch!
Are you good value for money?+
Of course! Seriously though, our clients tell us we give incredible value for money. You will get a lot more out of our service than you expect. We are well aware that branding, marketing, digital design and insights research is often quite costly. It’s important our clients feel we give them the best service, ideas, advice and support along the way. We want you to know that we are ideas people – ‘thinking designers’ and can give you inspiration and support for business growth if you need it. We work hard at making things easy for you.
Are you cheap?+

To be honest, every day we have quote requests coming through our website, from people that are looking to sound us out for cost. Though we appreciate that cost is a factor in choosing the right design agency, we want to be honest with you! If you’re looking for the cheapest quote, then you will easily find someone cheaper than us. We are not Robin Reliant, nor are we Rolls Royce! We are Rose-Innes – we are the Lexus of brand agencies. How about your brand? What are you all about and what type of company do you want to work with to develop your business? 

What is your hourly rate for basic design work?+
Our hourly rate is £60–£80 per hour for studio artwork, print and web projects. But we can offer discounts on larger continuous projects that require ongoing support or a subscription package.
Do you do a branding and website package?+
Yes, we often do a brand and web design package – it makes complete sense that we would design both within the same project. It does become more cost effective to get us to do both. And if you want, we can include business stationery too in the same deal.
Do you do business cards?+
Not alone, only as a part of a brand exercise. Unless of course, you want a reprint of something we’ve already designed for you.
Do you handle print?+
Yes, it is normal that we handle the print for our customers, though it’s not exclusive. We’re most happy for you to print your own designs with a print house of your choice. We’ll advise on paper quality and finishes, whether we handle it or not. But obviously we can’t be responsible or oversee the quality and accuracy of print if you do it yourself.
How long does a project usually take?+

This depends entirely on what you want us to do – every project is different.
• Whether it’s a rebrand or you’re starting from scratch, projects can take anywhere from six weeks to three months, but it could take more.
• A website can take anything from two to 10 weeks. 
We’d like you to be completely satisfied with our speed and timing of service, so if you need a job done super fast, please don’t hide. This is a two-way project and we need your feedback. The quicker you can get back to us, the faster we can deliver the end product to you. We like to think that we can be reactive to our projects and get them delivered in the right time frame.

How does it all work, from beginning to end?+

After the quote has been prepared and approved, and the deposit received we can make a start and put a date in for the workshop. But before the workshop, you’ll be invited to join your very own project online through our system called Basecamp. This is linked to calendar dates, timings, schedules and discussions about your project, so you’re involved at every stage and can see all the comments from the team as we go.
All work is timed and managed by the senior designer allocated to your job. We’ll keep you informed right the way through – and we’ll be on your case about things you need to supply us with. This will make sure all work is finished on time. It’s likely we’ll meet with you a few times over the course of the job, to present you designs, show you developments and keep any other complimentary products, like web or packaging design, in line with the overall project. You may ask us for an update on costs or timings at any point. Final project delivery is accompanied by the final invoice.
It doesn’t end there though. We’d like to help promote you through our social media networks too, so with your permission we would tweet and Facebook your project and maybe even showcase it on our website.

Do you outsource client work?+
Only to trusted web developers and photographers that we have an ongoing business relationship with. We do all our design and insight work in-house.
How do you accept payment?+
Payment is accepted via an online banking payment. We ask new clients to pay a 50% deposit up front. The remainder is then due on completion and delivery. Regular clients can be given up to 30 days payment terms. All costs are quoted plus VAT at 20%.

Will you charge extra if we have to make numerous changes to the work?+
We normally allow for up to three sets of reasonable amends and developments to any of our projects. Beyond these, we will open a conversation to discuss the changes and amount of time that we feel is reasonable to complete the work. We understand that there are some people who like to contribute and give opinion on design work – which is often very subjective. We also encourage our clients to bring the decision makers and influencers to the initial workshop, so we can understand all the viewpoints and people that are going to be involved.