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Audit your brand

by on 10th March, 2016

If you’ve been trading with one brand for over 5 years, a brand audit would benefit your business. If you are considering a rebrand or are thinking of a significant change or investment in marketing, have a brand audit first!

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What is your brand landscape?

by on 19th January, 2016

I’ve started to ask myself what does a brand landscape look like and how can I use this to define and inspire branding? It’s useful to consider how we want to design our landscape for it to be perceived and experienced by the user.

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Your BRAND New Year

by on 12th January, 2016

Do you need to move your brand forward but not exactly sure how? We know how. Your brand is a significant part of your reputation, how customers perceive your business. Don’t forget your brand needs to grow at the same as your business, consider how brand management and development can improve value and add worth to your business, service and products.

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Reflections of 2015

by on 21st December, 2015

It has been our most adventurous year to date, one of travel, discovery and change (for good!). As well as reaching the ten year milestone, here are just a few things from the Rose-Innes year…

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