What is your brand landscape?

Written by on 19th January, 2016

Brand Landscape; A metaphor for discovering and designing brand strategies.

I’ve started to ask myself what does a brand landscape look like and how can I use this to define and inspire branding? It’s useful to consider how we want to design our landscape for it to be perceived and experienced by the user.

Most importantly I believe we need to look from different market and personal perspectives at this landscape. If we look through the eye of the beholder it forces us to see things from the user point of view. For example, the beholders of a university brand ranges anywhere from the undergraduate student to a business looking to invest in research. The university brand landscapes are very different and I as a brand ‘landscape’ strategist would enjoy this consideration.

A business investor could view your brand as a calm seascape with the promise of a far off land in sight. What are the mechanisms for that investor to get to that far off land? You could go as far as to question what are the landing points for your brand? What does your harbour look like and how can you ensure good engagement with your brand?

What are the so-called ‘bright lights’ of an urban brand? How can you best use them to attract people?

Brand boundaries can be likened to fences and posts. They can be trampled over or act as a firm barrier. Terrain can represent the sector; the sky and weather can set the tone of voice. So, if you can excuse the clichés there is much to explore in the landscape of brand, which is useful for marketers, designers and strategists.

Brand along with marketing and communication has to be very adept and versatile with how it creates its landscape and what it puts on the horizon.

So what is your brand landscape and does it deliver to your destination? We’d be happy to have that conversation with you.