Reflections of 2015

Written by on 21st December, 2015


It has been our most adventurous year to date, one of travel, discovery and change (for good!). As well as reaching the ten year milestone, here are just a few things from the Rose-Innes year…

February we moved over from Welsh Ice to our own larger premises. This was a strategic move not only for more studio space but to collaborate with Amity Web. We haven’t looked back!

Mid year, Michelle completed a nine month long CMI leadership development course (Leading Growth) and hasn’t stopped making changes to the business yet!

Autumn brought a brand insight project that took us to remote Scotland and back again. September and October brought worldwide travel on a series of brand workshops, including Germany, Sri Lanka and the USA.

2015 has seen our brand and insight work taken to a whole new level. We’ve got more passion than ever for user centred design with good frameworks and process.

Thanks for being a part of our year.
See you in 2016!

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