Audit your brand

Written by on 10th March, 2016

The 8 ingredients of a brand audit

If you’ve been trading with one brand for over 5 years, a brand audit would benefit your business. If you are considering a rebrand or are thinking of a significant change or investment in marketing, have a brand audit first!

Your brand is both visual and nontangible. Visual brand is relatively easy to audit as it is about consistency and value messages. Nontangible branding is about the experience, public perception and brand reputation, these are sensitive issues that need equally sensitive handling and careful research to uncover.

Assessing where you are positioned, how you are perceived and what you look like is worth it’s weight in gold. Who wouldn’t want to find out whether their brand is working well and what is dysfunctional. An independent report can highlight where there is a mismatch of brand values compared to what is experienced by the end user. A brand audit can inform strategy for business growth and also be a lever for organisational change.

If you need support for brand development and rebrand design services we can help. Our sectors of expertise are in Universities, Banks, Restaurants and Professional Services. We are a design agency that has developed expertise to help those that require specialist brand services and qualitative research.

Please call us to see what ingredients you need for a beneficial brand audit.