Based near Cardiff, South Wales, Rose-Innes Designs is a strategic design and branding agency. We specialise in qualitative insight research to understand you and your business. This means we create those “a-ha” moments to take your products and services to the next level.   


Brand design is a foundational process that unites all your activities, represents your values and inspires you to move forward. Your brand is your service and your product, not just your logo. In our brand design agency, we design according to your needs and budget. We'll unpack your values and unique selling points, and then create a brand and communication strategy we’re sure you'll recognise as “you”. From brand naming, to creating a great look and feel for your brand, and ensuring functionality across different media and sub-brands, we have a track record of hitting the mark. For a better idea of what we do, take a look at our brand workshops.


Your online presence and your brand go hand in hand. Having the same look and feel across your digital platforms (website, app, tablet and even social media) is a must when looking to build trust and loyalty with your customers. As experts in the web design sector, we always create identifiable, memorable and bespoke results for all our clients. With a clear understanding of your visual identity and values, our digital design solutions are not only beautiful and easy to use, but relevant to you and your customers too.

Service Design

Putting it simply – we’re designers for services. From a restaurant's front of house service to mapping the journey taken by your customers, we can review and help improve your service delivery and brand touch points. Using a range of tools and techniques we put you in your customers' shoes, showing you how they experience your services. This helps us when it comes to branding your business, because we find ways you can better relate with your users. And if you have a great idea to improve your business, we’ll investigate what you’d get out of it, before you jump in at the deep end. Our aim is to put your customers' experience at the core of your business.


It’s a minefield out there, we know. So if you’re thinking, “How do I get my product to stand out among the hundreds out there?” – we’re on it. Our expertise as a packaging design agency means we know what it takes to make your sure your product gets picked up time and time again. From size to shape to performance, every packaging design project is different. That's why we work closely with a packaging production team, to expertly construct your packaging, choose the right materials and identify a relevant production process. And by identifying your values and unique selling points, we'll make sure the end product has maximum visual impact on the shelves.

How we work

We're good at understanding people and their businesses and we like to keep things clear and simple. In our brand design agency we do the creative consultancy and design to suit your plan and your budget. You can draw on all our brand design experience of using design as an intelligent marketing tool and you can count on clear communication and quick responses.

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From the Blog
Using qualitative insights to help develop and test your idea

Using qualitative insights to help develop and test your idea

The approach we use here is that of the design thinker. Design thinking is creative strategy used to consider and resolve problems, typically drawing on a resource of tools that help to uncover insights, user stories, and user journeys. These all give us useful clues and direction for the development of our product or service and they are based on real feedback and evidence.

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Hatching New Plans and nerd chicks

How do you get your initial thought into an idea?

Have you been hatching a plan and thinking of new ideas over Easter? Perhaps your idea is just a few notes, a sketch on a serviette or a post-it note or maybe it’s still processing in your mind?

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Website Creation graphic

Website Creation; should you use a design company or web development company?

A website needs to be aesthetically pleasing but it also needs to be functional. So where do you go and how do you choose? A design or web development company? What’s the difference? How can you get the best value for money whilst achieving the best overall website outcome?

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