A Video Creative Breakfast February 2014

Written by on 4th February, 2014

We took ourselves out of the studio for this morning's Creative Breakfast and decided to bring with us ideas on a theme. The theme being videos, whether viral, marketing, arty or a mixture of the above. After ordering our breakfast wraps and eggs Benedict and setting up the wifi connection on the laptop we set about watching some great little features.

First off was Gareth's animated paper trail, entitled 'Paper City', a marvelous animation that follows a car as it travels through a world made of paper that unfolds as you are brought along its journey. It's a beautifully executed 3D animation that gives us the feeling of the delicate nature of the universe it portrays.

Valentino introduced those of that hadn't heard of it yet the wonderful world of the Old Spice marketing campaign – featuring Isaiah Mustafa – and their latest offering, a series of parody product websites. Produced by Wieden+Kennedy, the 'Interneterventions' take the viewer away from the fake sites and a video featuring Isaiah talks you through why you don't need such products (and then offers you Old Spice instead).

We loved the attention to detail that go into making up each of the parody sites and the humour that covers the whole of the campaign.


Next up we saw another charming animation for furniture website, loaf (formerly The Sleep Room). Matthew's submission, called 'from www to zzz' was produced by Peepshow Collective and features a bear in a forest that orders a bed online. Perfectly mood inducing and fits the brand well.

And finally, Michelle's video, called 'Chromatic: A Slow Motion Short', a beautifully shot video featuring skateboarders pulling off impressive tricks on skateboards covered in colourful chalkdust that explode in a slow burst of smokey colour.

By the time we'd finished the videos and polished off the last sips of tea and coffee we headed back to the studio. As always, we're open to anything you find interesting, we take all submissions via Twitter, Facebook or email. We hope you enjoyed them!