Caerphilly Business Forum blog: We should be optimistic about the future

Written by on 18th July, 2011

My vice chair role in the Caerphilly Business Forum means I tend to get involved in Caerphilly County Borough issues. Recently I’ve been called on to comment and respond to events and developments from both a personal and business perspective. The Caerphilly Observer is an informative website (albeit in need of a redesign!), good for news, events, community things and local opinions, and this is where the Forum has a blog posting. See my recent blog post You can probably tell, but I’m very pro-valleys! It gets such a bad press at times, but here the views, countryside and waterways make it a great place to live. You’d be surprised to see what business activities are really successful in the borough of Caerphilly, there are a lot of large companies based here. We get grants too – a good incentive!