Hey Patrick - You’re Hired!

Written by on 21st July, 2011

We took Patrick on a ten week Go Wales placement to try him out! We interviewed many junior designers and graduates, all very keen to impress. Pat ticked the boxes and this got him off the starting blocks. Now, he's a part of the team. The things I forgot about being a graduate in first design job... It's a shock to the system... Well, number one, it's the fact you have to get up in the morning, click into gear and work for long hours, and you are expected to be totally on the ball at all times. Number two, you soon realise that as a graduate in training for three years, you actually know very little in the workplace and the learning curve is steep. So, it's incredibly scary and testing times. We threw Pat in the deep end, and he's already designed a full brand logo for SoftwareLinks. Other projects include banner stands, pop up displays, brochures, leaflets, flyers and contributed some creatives to websites. So, we are more than happy with Pat's progress and development and although the placement is over, his time with us is just beginning! Pat, what do you think? patrick-wong Umm! I don't know what to say really, you pretty much nailed everything on the head, as it's a big learning curve and design is so different in Uni. But, just to say, I do know that its a privilege to be here and part of the team. I believe I can learn a lot about the Graphic Design industry being here and become a better designer by tackling all kinds of projects. All I can say now is, my exciting journey to become a successful designer has just begun.