Lots of reasons to eat cake!

Written by on 23rd October, 2012


It's our eighth birthday! And to celebrate we have plenty going on. Last week, we moved from our cosy old studio in Blackwood to make a new home at the smart new offices of Britannia House in Caerphilly Business Park. It's a gentle(!) mountain climb over to Cardiff, with trains every 15 minutes, we are not only better connected to our existing customers but strategically closer to new ones.

There is more to reason to up root and move the business to Britannia House than the office space. For us, we were attracted by the fresh thinking that the Innovation Centre for Enterprise (ICE) are promoting. We have become a part of the influx of businesses that are joining this exciting business community.

Some other plus factors... the fibre optic cable direct into the building means we have super fast broadband, a reception and waiting area, a restaurant and access to meeting rooms that we can use for our design workshops.


...and more to celebrate...

We are proud to announce that Michelle is a finalist in the Caerphilly Business Forum Awards. Category - Women in Business 2012. This category recognises success and highlights inspirational women in business, many of whom work without acclaim in different businesses and industries. The winner will be someone who can encourage and motivate other women. The winner will be announced on the 23rd of November at an awards ceremony at LLancaiach Fawr Manor.