Our Service Design journey is getting more interesting every week!

Written by on 17th February, 2012

Paul Thirston from Design Wales has mentioned us in an article for Plastik Magazine, very good of him!

We have won a few big contracts by using a new way of thinking and communicating with potential new customers. We can't wait to share all the details once the projects are completed.

The challenge is to explain service design/design thinking and all its benefits, examples/case studies before people glaze over and say – oh that’s a marketing thing or oh, that’s been done before, it's just packaging it in a new way!
Quoting Marc Thomas on Paul Thirston:
He says that around 73% of the UK GDP is service. That’s a big big number. That’s why what Paul is talking about is so important for all of us – even if we’re not involved in design, we’re all involved in services in one way or another: from the way that I pay my gas bill to the way that you suggest ideas to your boss to the way we both check out at Sainsbury’s or Lidl.

“The case study that really stands out for me is a small design agency based in Blackwood, Rose Innes Designs. They are a great little company and they first came onto the service programme and attended a workshop that we ran in Newport, the director went off and read a load of books, called me up saying ‘I want to get onto this programme’. They went through that,” he says of the SD4D programme – service design for designers, “Then they went off and started talking to clients, running workshops. They’ve recently won three new projects on the back of that because they’re talking to their clients differently, offering something new and talking to their clients in ways that demonstrate they know about their business, the challenges, rather than ‘we can sell you some design services’. What could you help your clients do differently within their business that’s going to have real value to it.”

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