Tobacco and health in Wales

Written by on 13th August, 2012


This is a serious publication that brought together years of research data compiled by the team of experts at the Observatory, Public Health Wales. Our task was to design an effective cover theme, and page spreads and layouts able to cope with the density and detail of information, whilst balancing the space and keeping things easy to read both at a glance through and in more depth.
Designing for charts and serious data has its challenges. Whilst charts and graphs are typically collated and produced in a program like Excel, there is a lack of control over colour, line widths, space and shape. We tailored each graph to be styled to co-ordinate throughout and used Adobe Illustrator to design them in detail.
The report was bilingual and needed translation and much checking for the details to be 100% correct in Welsh language. As we all know – our beloved Welsh language produces an average 20–30% more characters than English, which we carefully balanced on pages to reflect the English.
The success of this publication is down to the hard work and skills of the team at the Observatory that produce this data. Our part is largely cosmetic, the figures and data are far more important than the design and look of the brochure, but heavy data is easier on the eye if it’s been designed well. Which it has!


Hi Michelle
I just wanted to thank you for the effort you put into designing our report. You and your team have been friendly, helpful and professional throughout and the final result is first class. Everyone involved at our end is extremely pleased, as are our colleagues at the Welsh Government.

Best wishes
Nathan Lester
Head of Observatory Analytical Team
Public Health Wales Observatory
Wales NHS