Touchpoint Sessions

Written by on 16th September, 2011

It struck me that during client briefings, we barely have the time to look at more than the project at hand. I believe that a look at the bigger picture of a company's services, products, brand, website and marketing strategy would be extremely beneficial to each company. I'm proposing a few dedicated days of my time to do this for our existing clients to come along to for an hour Touchpoint session. With a choice of two venues, (Cardiff and Caerphilly). I'd like to offer consultancy, at no charge, to overview company brands, websites and how they deliver their products and service. I'm proposing a creative view point looking at the business from the both customer and stakeholder perspectives could reveal potential untapped markets, new ways of approaching business and strengthening existing markets. We can look at the success of a brand and look at how it is working, in fact we can review almost anything that is brand/web/packaging/marketing and communications related. We'll keep you informed of the dates of the sessions. Note: the nature of these sessions will be aimed at existing clients. But if you're interested in a touchpoint session, do contact us and we can plan a session specifically for you.