Plenty of reasons to celebrate at Caerphilly Business Awards

Written by on 19th July, 2013


Every year this event is a fantastic celebration of local business success. I was previously an award winner and finalist – this year I went as a sponsor and simply to watch and encourage the finalists. Okay, I must admit to going there to share good times with my colleagues and clients too!

Having been on the board of the forum for many years as well as previously holding vice chair, I’m privy to the planning of this event as it unfolds throughout the year. I note the hours of commitment put in by organisers Natalie Wyatt, Sonam Patel and Jo Braham, and this year they excelled themselves as the evening was fabulous. The number of entrants we had were more than ever, making competition keen. The event itself took on a slightly simpler approach but it worked so much better for it. Our host Derek Brockway made it all run smoothly – thanks for all the weather jokes too – no, you really excelled yourself Derek!


I took a table of ten business people from my Caerphilly BNI group to see what it was that makes our Awards different from the rest. The feedback afterwards was good, one said that he felt really inspired and another noted a warm sense of comradery between these businesses and guests. No one was in a rush to leave from my table – erm – it may have had something to do with the three bottles of Moet...

I was delighted to see many many colleagues of mine from Welsh ICE, people that we rub shoulders with every day that were creating quite a stir on tables 10 and 11! I knew that within the ICE community a few of them were finalists but the encouragement that they all gave to one another set them apart from the rest! Who are this business community that cheer each other on, that support and celebrate each others businesses? I’m proud to say that’s our community too – one that we love and enjoy being a part of.


Our colleagues at Living Data, across the corridor from the Rose-Innes studios won the Young Business of the Year award, they create augmented reality and apps – a very clever and innovative bunch, headed up by Dr Nick. Well done you!


Women in Business was won by Charlotte Burles of Parkmans lettings, whose awesome new website we have recently designed at! We have known Charlotte for years and can see clearly her commitment and keen business sense that makes for a reliable and strong woman that is now expanding her lettings reach to Cardiff.

Also, huge congratulations to Claire from Plant2plate too for winning the Contribution to the Rural Economy, she is a woman with a vision to do things with excellence in her food business, using organic and local produce. Her business model was recently the focus of one of our insights research projects that we undertook for one of our clients.

I am so encouraged to see that our business Rose-Innes Design + Insight, has been involved in contributing to the success many of the winners at the CBForum Awards 2013. It’s well worth being a part of the Caerphilly Business Forum, Welsh ICE and Caerphilly BNI, and although most of our clients are currently outside the borough, there is a huge benefit to being rooted in communities here and sharing in the ups and downs of business growth here. Caerphilly is a thriving business region and we have a host of large and small businesses here, I’m proud to live and work here. In a world of web and online communities and social media, nothing can substitute for real people meeting together to support one another and celebrate.

The other awards were won by ISCA UK, Bonbon Buddies, Alex Hunter and Tyfu Café. Congratulations and cheers to them all, look forward to meeting you in the future.

Note: When a brand is designed well it’s timeless… note the Caerphilly Business Forum brand that works well… year after year! It was designed by us in 2009.