What do we mean by “common sense” branding?

Written by on 7th September, 2015

Let’s start with the definition of common sense: 


It isn’t every day that you get compared to common sense but recently a client disclosed that they had selected us to design their brand, having visited three other brand design agencies in the Cardiff area, because we had the most common sense!

If this is the equivalent to excelling at perceiving, understanding and critiquing, then we shall take it as a compliment!
Some may think common sense is a given but to have good sense in the design sector is as valuable as keeping up with the latest design trend.

To introduce our common sense branding, we have compiled a list that strengthens our ability to observe, appreciate and give an opinion.
• We steer away from using brand jargon.
• We use a framework for the process, which we explain from the start.
• We listen to you carefully and understand your business.
• We are clear on our charges and terms.
• We keep you informed as we go.
• We research the market that you are in.
• We get insights from your customers.
• We try out new ideas before showing you.
• We present options and develop them with your input.
• We lead you through the process without being dictatorial.

This is just for starters! Our FAQs might help to explain a bit more. 
It’s common sense to keep things as simple as possible from the outset.

If you are considering engaging with a branding agency for your corporate identity, or think it is time for a refresh, then it would make sense to give us a call.
We’re sure we could help.