A Regionalised brand for NatWest

NatWest wanted to implement a new idea of a regionalised brand for Welsh NatWest bank branches. They needed to secure the consultancy of a design agency based in Wales that would provide insights on the economy, issues and perceptions of Welsh customers when it came to brand communication. We were the agency that could give them the approach that would inform and give confidence into the investment required for a new regionalised high street banking brand. The added value we offered was our research-led approach to brand design and development.


We delivered a relevant and appropriate brand extension that was intelligently informed by qualitative research methods, such as customer and staff insights, instore user journey maps, Welsh brand competitor analysis and public opinion gathering. The research and insights greatly contributed to the success of the brand and its development.


The brand design was not limited to design but extended to elements of customer service improvements and suggestions. The actual application and store design features were handled by the design team at RBS. They co-ordinated and applied the new brand across selective branches of NatWest banks in Wales using the brand visuals and guidelines we provided.

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