Beacon Foods Website

Beacon Foods approached us to help create them a new innovative website to differentiate their company from the competition. They wanted it to help drive sales to new heights and position Beacon Foods at the top of experts' minds in the industry.

The website had to be a showcase for their products and convey their brand personality whilst giving customers a reason to return to the website and locate relevant information.

Planning and concepts

First things first, before we even looked at the design, our team got to work on looking at the required functionality and site planning. It is important to understand the client's goals and objectives to ensure that the website works for them and gives the user a great experience. 


In the initial instance we provided the client with two distinct routes they could take the design. Both designs had a unique approach and would help position them correctly. The client loved both concepts and after defining the chosen design we moved on to the full site development.


In order for the brand website to achieve the requirements, it’s important that the website is backed up by strong content. We had an active role in producing a style guide and briefing the photographer to ensure that the imagery captured the essence of our client's objectives.  We also set out the outline for the client to instruct their copywriter to continue the brand story. Bringing all these aspects together ensures that the website goal is meet by creating an engaging user experience.


We came up with a brand language and tone of voice for the site. We wanted it to convey their informal and friendly tone. To help engage the user, we created a unique language for their site. Such as, the blog became ‘Spilling the Beans’ and testimonials became ‘Proof is in the Pudding’. To help bring their site to life, we created a set of illustrations and typography to accompany the new photography and friendly brand language. The illustrations were hand drawn and then manipulated on the computer. The stark white illustrations are a perfect foil to the black background and help set off the strong colours in the photography.



So with the new content in place, the strategy well thought out and a thorough UX, it was time to deliver the final website designs. We developed the concept further, utilising the new photography and illustrations and combined with some wonderful copy we ended up with a striking and engaging website.  The site works well both visually and for user engagement, providing the right functionality and process to ensure a great all round experience. 





To add an interactivity aspect into the site we suggested a way to the client to highlight their 'superstar' images. Using a Javascript 'Polaroid' gallery, the user can flick through multiple images and move them aside as if they were scattered on the chalkboard.


"A huge thank you to you and the team for your fantastic creative skill and patience in the designing of the site, it looks amazing, we're all thrilled. Thanks so much Team Rose-Innes! Top work!!"

Lynne Skyrme, Regional Sales Manager Beacon Foods

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