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A most unusual project? We think not, considering that we design and manage many of Intertissue brand websites and packaging products! This delightful website redesign was started early in 2015. Our objectives for the website were to promote the brand by being more social, create engagement for children and to allow for the addition of new products and campaigns as the brand extends its range. The remit was to showcase the brand and use pure white kittens for imagery, inline with the brand image. We’ll take you through the process of how we made this happen.


Over many years of web and brand design projects we’ve developed a bespoke set of framework tools to use in workshops. They help us scope out important commercial objectives and keep us user focused uncovering value sets within customer segments. It's important that the client knows that we are interested in designing them a useful and practical framework for the future of the brand, not just a pretty site!

The design team quickly wire frame three versions of the website. This got us straight to the point where we could have open discussions around the best ways we could do this site. All ideas on the table!

Being able to talk about information sorting, key messages and features as well as functionality at this early stage meant that we could scoot right through to the end of the project and back again, loosely on paper, flagging potential issues along the way.


Having covered a lot of ground in the workshop meant we could design the look and feel with much more information and clarity. We knew the expectations and so design was a pleasure. Getting the right images were the main challenge for this site! We worked out ways to source the best photography and figure the best way to photograph white kittens!

We presented a variety of visual themes and approaches which were all well received. We used tools like grid systems and wire frame tools and user experience programmes to get us to a place where we can experience the site as if we were the user, before the actual build and development. We designed kitten themed games and fun through the graphics and downloads. The client was thrilled with the images and graphics and we soon moved onto the content writing and build stage.


Responsive Website Design

It is important for this site in particular, to works well when viewed on a tablet or ipad, given that the majority of viewers are likely to be children. Our designers always plan sites with this in mind, as a result, this site works beautifully on a mobile phone.




The CMS we selected was expression engine, it offers good flexibility and is dynamic enough to cope with the design. Build and development was handled by our trusted web partners Amity Web Solutions. It’s ideal to be able to work closely as a team of designers and developers in tandem like this.


"Huge thanks to all the team at Rose-Innes! Will definitely be in touch for future projects."

Beverley Logan

Product Manager (Brand), Intertissue.



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