Sandra approached us with her new venture idea in bakery, which came after having an enthusiastic response from posting a video of her daughter making soda bread! She came to us with an idea for a name, just the raw product and an offering of extensive experience of blogging with a large following. Having realised the company had so much to offer, Sandra appointed us to hold a workshop to understand the values and vision and the key activities of the business.


In the workshop we covered a number of tools; personas, business model canvas and brand naming, which all uncovered the new business direction and exciting revenue ideas and opportunities. The name 'PURISITY' derived from the Welsh word for pure - pur, came after and seemed to fit perfectly with the brand direction.  

The ethos behind the holistic model is 'less is essential' and how to achieve 'slow living' in your life. The brand and photography style had to emulate a minimalist feel. Through careful font and colour use this was achieved.


Website homepage concepts

We presented two conceptual routes for the company identity, shown across a website homepage, packaging design, business stationery and publication covers. 

Sandra was overwhelmed at how both options brought her concept to life! 

Once the brand was approved and the direction of the website content agreed, we created a moodboard for Sandra to help instruct her photographer to adhere to the minimalist style.


Brand application across fabric labels for a limited edition yoga blanket


Packaging design for Purisity soda bread mix


A selection of the 10 Purisity Essentials


The blog guided the website direction with emphasis on the latest post. Our one requirement was to steer them away from Wordpress for ease of use we opted for Expression Engine for their CMS with a CartThrob plug in for their shop. 

Visit: purisity.com

Photography for the Purisity brand by Ffoto Sian Bowi

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