Capestone Organic

Project: Feasibility Report for a West Wales Poultry Farm

Time Frame: 6 weeks

My Role: User researcher and consultant

Working for: Andrew Miller, Head of Commercial and Production, Capestone Organic

Methodology: Qualitative research and desktop research.


What happened:

Capestone Organic are a Pembrokeshire based farm selling Poultry to the higher end retailers and wanted to investigate the value of Welshness to consumers for marketing and branding purposes.

My research brought together the variety of phrases and terminology used in marketing poultry, organisations, accreditations and supermarket standards. All of this contributed towards an understanding of the landscape of commercial poultry. 

We also drew valuable insight from the report produced by Food and Drink Wales called the Value of Welshness that gave us detail on freshness, quality and price and if consumers would pay more for Welsh. Staff were also invited to contribute their thoughts and ideas to a Welsh brand as we were investigating the brand values alongside the research.

A competitor shop of all poultry in the top 5 supermarkets was done to capture price and point of sale, as well as pack descriptions and branding.


After this, insight interviews were conducted with a cross section of different consumers across England and Wales to discover their perspectives and values on poultry, shopping habits, Wales, accreditations, farms and meat brands. The insights were grouped into common themes and some powerful key phrases were captured, in support of the feasibility for Welsh poultry.

All of the insights and research were then consolidated into a concise and visually appealing report and presented to Andrew and the team at Capestone Organic to review and reflect on the feasibility for a potential Welsh Poultry brand.



The report helped Capestone to understand the market, decifer the brand architecture required and marketing approach to launch a new brand offer into supermarkets. Branding and pack designs were subsequently progressed to prototypes and the project continues to grow momentum.

What I learned:

For privacy reasons I have kept the details concise and the images are unable to be enlarged to preserve the integrity of the project.

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