Service Design for Housing Associations

Over the last 5 years Jo Carter and I have been delivering service design projects together to help Housing Associations to become more user-centred. Previously we worked under the Satori Lab brand, now Jo operates the consultancy as We Are Service Works.

These projects have involved a variety of qualitative research methods, such as tenant insight interviews, service blueprinting and user journey workshops. We work together both as a team and within a housing association team to provide deliverables and practical recommendations for service improvement. The focus isn't just on delivering recommendations but also to help build capacity and develop individuals within the organisation to carry on with service design. We find that once staff are introduced to this way of working, and an understanding of the experience of tenants, they are able to troubleshoot and build better services themselves. 

Read more about the impact of seeing service through the eyes of tenants here.

And how we introduced Personas and their usefulness, see link here.
Note that Hafod Housing was a user centred website design project done entirely by Rose-Innes Designs

Other Case Studies