Curious by Nature

We designed the brand and packaging for this range of four innovative vegetable based juices for Fruitapeel. Fruitapeel selected us to support their new venture and to give them brand and marketing consultancy and design service for launching their new product range. They wanted some fresh thinking and we worked through these stages to get to the final product.


After the initial pitch we involved them in a brand workshop. This helped to uncover strategic goals, business objectives and values of the product. It also ensured good communication about the brand between Fruitapeel management and our design team. It was the starting point of exploring the brand.


During the workshop we discussed the markets for this design led product. Markets were too generic for us! Markets are full of real people and so we created our end user 'persona' whom we would base our decisions for brand and marketing around. Meet Philippa, she's from London and her lifestyle was based on someone we actually knew. Philippa personifies who we felt was the most likely end user.


Persona Card


During the second half of the workshop, we began exploring possibilities for the brand name. We use our bespoke set of workshop tools especially for brand naming process. This was more interesting than most sessions as we involved our senses in this brand naming process. We tasted juice samples and noted descriptive words, stories and scenarios that sprung to mind. From sunset beach barbecues to health spa's we took these juices into another dimension!




The juices as they looked with no brand or packaging labels!

STAGE 2 – brand NAME concepts

The brand workshop was great for setting the scene and informing the next stage. The Rose Innes design team spent time bringing all thoughts, ideas and research together to define a direction and name for the brand. We developed four concepts, some ideas came straight away, others needed careful consideration and some came from happy accidents. Funny how the 'eureka' brand name moment came during a conversation on discussing another topic in the studio.  'Curious by Nature' was born mid conversation! 

To accompany the Curious by Nature brand, we developed each product name to sound 'curious' too. Rather than a simple flavour name, we came up with full on descriptive wording... for example, Kale wasn't just kale but curly kale, raspberry was wild and pear was sweet.


Translating the look and feel of the brand was a real creative opportunity for the studio. Our standard way of designing is to offer two or three choices whereby we present both the brand name and juice labels as one and a mockup on the bottles. We always keep in mind that we are designing for our Philippa and imagine what she might think of it.

Branding and Packaging Concepts

Fruitapeel Branding


The winning design concept was an obvious one for us and the client. It's great when a design project goes this way, but it's all down to the research and planning stages. We even found the actual Philippa and her feedback was 'I just love it'. Our quirky and curious designs all developed and ready to go. After finalising the back of pack information, the journey of Curious by Nature is ready to begin its adventures. Look out for the brand!


These are the juice label artwork - ready for printing. These background colours are visual respresentation only, but the actual design prints only white and black ink.


We are looking forward to developing the products further, growing and positioning the brand and looking after it's growth as Fruitapeel move into a new retail venture.


"Love It! Brings back lots of positive memories"

David Taylor Sales Director, Fruitapeel

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