QOL Buddy

QOL (or Quality of Life) is a small company based in South Wales that came up with a smart product idea. As with so many innovative ideas this addressed a few common issues within the market. For people with limb dressings that required waterproof and watertight coverings while washing or swimming there weren't many great options out there. The default suggestion was to wrap up with plastic bags and tape or use one of a range of waterproof protectors available. These tended to be clunky to use, smelly, or generally got in the way and hindered as much as they helped.

QOL had come up with an easy to use cover that was strong, airtight, unobtrusive, easy to pack and with a rather pleasurable vanilla aroma.

Getting the name right

When we first met QOL they had already named their product and had a few exhibition graphics and business cards made up under the name 'The Turtle', though they weren't sure about going forward with this name, nor how it could be applied across marketing campaigns in the future we had a look at finding out what their product users thought and how we could make it better.


We took the product for a test to get a feel for the product

Our first course of action was to try the product out, we tested it ourselves as well as with people we knew with limb dressings. It was everything QOL claimed it to be, and when we reviewed other products on the market it was amazing how cumbersome and unpleasant they all seemed to be. We got on well with the product, so we came up with Buddy.


The logo for QOL's Buddy, in its various colours

Buddy is easy to remember, Buddy is simple to use, Buddy stays with you, is supportive, caring, Buddy's got you covered (<--hello tagline)! We gave QOL a range of ideas to take this idea further, and we presented options for display and printed literature.


The Buddy style guide

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