Sevin are Cyber Security Surveillance specialists that protect and safeguards sensitive and critical information from network risk. This new business venture needed our help to create a name and develop a brand.


It was a valuable and useful exercise to uncover the company’s vision, values and business objectives and then concept a name and finally a brand identity.

The ‘Sevin’ brand values were defined as Discover, Analyse, Defend. This, and the reassuringly simple key brand message; “calm cyber future” was born from one of our brand workshops. It’s here where we got what they were about, grasped their business objectives, how the product worked and who they wanted to work with. Using our bespoke brand workshop method, we future scoped customer segments and then created potential user personas as users of the service. We put the users of the service at the heart of the business and developed the brand around them.


This particular brand naming process took many twists and turns. The challenge became heightened by worldwide trademark obstacles as all brand names were put through world wide searches to eliminate any links to any other security related the world! A trademark protects your brand names, logos and taglines against third-party imitation and provides ultimate security for your brand’s individuality.

We must attribute the final name to the IP trademark Lawyer who created and secured Sevin as the chosen brand name, a clever combination of names – we’ll let you work it out. If you know Sean Davin you’ll get it!


Fully informed by our workshop session, we developed three brand identity concepts. We wanted to convey a reliable, knowledgeable specific service who’s value is more than managing the crisis. Sevin is sensibly about taking thorough measures to discover, analyse and defend your data before the cyber threat lands and wages war on your business. The brand font was modified slightly to create a distinctly sharp ‘I’, you could say it’s a sharp eye! 



Brand identity becomes easy when you have an amazing brand message and striking simple brand logo. Marketing items such as the stationary, leaflets, exhibition stand and website graphics were some of the items delivered to Sevin for launch phase.



Add a striking photo, keep the colour palette slim and you have yourself an impactful brand identity.



"The exhibition stand has proven to be eye catching, which is great – and the leaflets have been a really useful tool for giving to people and working as an icebreaker. Lots of people have been drawn to the impact of our stand. We are really happy with our brand from the Rose-Innes team."

Rowena Davin, Co-Owner of Sevin

The Sevin brand continues to thrive as it gets a thorough PR and marketing treatment delivered by our preferred partner M&M Communications.

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