Phil and Chris came to us with a new business they were setting up. Both astute and intelligent gentlemen from executive positions, their new business would offer complex outsourced IT and recruitment solutions to clients and associates within the business change and IT transformation sector. So to launch them into this new venture, they needed a brand and a name.

First thing's first - we needed to get to know them and understand their business and their values. In the workshop we discovered the details of how their company worked and what brand image they wanted to portray.

They understood how they presented themselves would be really important in getting them in front of the right people and in securing the right deals - and we couldn't agree more! They wanted their brand to reflect their experience and come across as reliable and knowledgeable, as well as corporate. They thought a strong look would relate to the clients they were scoping out new project solutions for. And as these were two people with very different skill sets, they really wanted to show a united front and present their value in a professional context. Our challenge was to capture their experience and skills in a brand that was undeniably "them".

vargo-brand-naming.jpgStage 1 - Brand naming

As everything flows from a company's name, we set about our creative brand naming process and presented Phil and Chris with six naming options, explaining the thinking and reasoning behind each. All names were built to reflect that the company was strong, experienced and confident. And around each option we crafted values, personalities, and logo concepts to give a suitable look and feel for the brand. In the end they decided on Vargo, for its smart, sleek and professional characteristics. The images of polo players, chess and fine whiskey which accompanied the Vargo concept further conveyed the look and feel of the brand - namely class, prestige and exclusivity.


Stage 2 – Brand visuals (design)

The snappy strapline 'Engage - Align - Deliver' was something we worked on together with Phil and Chris in our follow-up workshop. They liked it, because it reflected their process and their quick-to-action approach. Brand name and strapline selected, then came the graphics. We designed Vargo business cards, compliment slips, letter heads, as well as website visuals. We also helped them select suitable imagery to accompany the brand visuals and developed a company brochure. The extensive work we did on their brand gave them everything they needed to approach their target client list with total confidence in their business, as well as in who they were and what value they were selling.


The brand literature and brochure all followed in with Vargo's sharp image



The responsive website

vargo-style-guide.jpgSelected colours and typefaces chosen as part of the Vargo style guide


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