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What do we mean by “common sense” branding?

by on 7th September, 2015

Let's start with the definition of common sense; good sense and sound judgement in practical matters

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Reflections on Sri Lankan Culture

by on 2nd September, 2015

I’ve been here for a week on a brand exercise and my purpose was to discover the culture both in the organisation and the country. The country is swollen with palm trees and banana plantations, lush and green and beautiful. Hot sun, high humidity and monsoon downpours keep it this way.

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Project: Craft Beer Brand

by on 28th August, 2015

The trend for great looking graphics on craft beer labels fuelled the idea for this particular venture. This Craft Beer label project was a collaboration between the Go Connect Project and our team of brand and packaging designers. We wanted to encourage young illustrators and give them an opportunity to work in a professional environment on a commercial project.

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Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water: integrating retail services in a digital age

by on 24th March, 2015

With 87 per cent of the UK now using the internet and us all spending nearly six hours a day either on a computer or phone it is easy to see why many organisations have placed a greater emphasis on digital interaction with their customers ...

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